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My name is Shoshana and I'm the Sho in Foodie Fo Sho! I love experiencing and sharing information about the Arizona culinary scene, from our fabulous foodie events to our amazing variety of resort and restaurant dining options and our exceptional culinary talent.

I want Foodie Fo Sho to be your resource for restaurant deals and culinary news so you are in the know on the events, people and places in the Phoenix area's thriving culinary scene.  For the latest news, deals and culinary events, please follow me, engage with me, and share your feedback and ideas on Facebook, Instagram @foodie_fosho and Twitter @foodiefosho.

To learn more about my passion for the culinary industry, read my blog.

I have nearly two decades of writing, editing and communications experience. You can see some of my foodie articles here. I'm open to cross-promotional and freelance opportunities so please reach out to

Shoshana Leon of the Phoenix based food blog Foodie Fo Sho

Shoshana Leon of the Phoenix based food blog Foodie Fo Sho

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